Tuesday, 8 May 2012


      My weirdest dream

One night I went to bed meanwhile,    

In that house not a single sole was there. There was lightening and a thunder storm there was noises of ghost. Suddenly ghost came.     

Monday, 30 April 2012


      I workup in the mooring and got ready forschool . I went to school bus and went to school.Then we came to class and every one gave mam gift. Then at 3:00 we came back from school and we reached home at 5:00. Then I got ready and went for shopping. After some time my father decided that only he and rumiza will go. So I and my mother come back. Then I and riya played     batmen ten. then I came back home.

           Thank   you      

Sunday, 29 April 2012


on monday it was earth day so we wore earth colour cloths and went to school . at assembly we talk about earth and miss diana gave all the teacher a jute bag and all the sir jute water bottle holder .  then everybody went to class and did there work . at break time 10 0 clock there was use of resources groups meeting in that meeting we thought everyone is writing a promise so ,all the staff shoild also write a promoise. and then bell rang and everybody made a line. next everybody went to class and we had physical education (p e) in that we did skipping. after some time we went to class and wrote our promise after that it was lunch time 12. 35
at lunch i and sanil went to take everbodys promise. then we came back so no one was there everbody went to there class. i also went then we made a line and went to aslembly  room , over there we showed our promises. then we went to class and did activity . then we all went to home.
                                                     thank you